Standard M10

Molecular Diagnostics

STANDARD M is a Molecular Diagnostic Brand Including Standard M10, a Point Care Molecular Diagnostic system, PCR Reagent, and Other Related Products. STANDARD M 10 is a Versatile POC system designed for more accurate, simpler, and Faster clinical Decision Making Near-the-patient Using Real-time PCR or Real-Time LAMP. Standard M10 is an Automated system that Integrates Extraction and Amplification of Nucleic acids from Various specimens and the Detection of target Sequences.

Standard M10 Consist of the Standard M10 Module and Standard M10 Console. The Standard M10 Portfolio Covers Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Drug Resistance, and Genetic Testing.



  • User Friendly
  • Seamless Connectivity with HIS/LIS
  • Memory Up to 5000 with CT Values and Amplification Curves
  • 1 Touch Screen
  • Customized Configuration Up to 8 Modules
  • Alternative Operating System to PC (Window)
  • Minimized Maintenance Indicator
  • Small Footprint