About Us

Our Vision

A leading African Health-Tech company by 2030.

Our Mission

Improving the health of the nation through access to quality, innovative, technology-enabled healthcare solutions for the prevention, early diagnosis, and management of diseases.

Our Mission Hallmarks




Innovative Solutions

Our Core Values

T. I. P. E

  • We support, collaborate, and complement each other like the colors of the rainbow.
  • We win together and bring value to the overall Codix group.
  • We push the boundaries of the norm, courageously and intelligently try out new things.
  • We consistently learn not to mind how much we already know. 
  • We apply what we have learnt and continually improve our people, policies, protocols, and technologies to achieve desired goals.
  • We personally commit to continuous improvement and growth. 
  • We produce high-quality work and deliver exceptional services to internal and external customers.
  • We commit to personal grooming and environmental hygiene. 
  • We are graceful, effective, and inclusive in our communication and behavior always. 
  • We act with integrity, respect others, express sincere appreciation, and positively influence those around us. 
  • We are dynamic and dedicated ambassadors of the Codix Group.      
  • We look for opportunities for growth for our organization and we go for it! 
  • We embrace the creativity, flexibility, innovation, and sense of ownership exhibited by our founders. 
  • We think big. We are inspired to approach each day with passion and enthusiasm.


We provide innovative health technology solutions to identified gaps in healthcare by ensuring access via the production, sales, and marketing of quality yet affordable devices and therapeutics which effectively diagnose and treat chronic and infectious diseases.