Codix Charity Foundation

Codix Foundation was established in 2022 to manage Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for Codix Pharma Ltd. With seasoned trustees to look after affairs, the foundation was born out of the company’s commitment to CSR, and by way of taking a formal approach to giving back to society.

We are committed to investing 1% of our annual revenue to support and fund healthcare, education, research, and development (R&D), community engagement, and philanthropic initiatives. Our commitment translates into a set of actions to make a positive impact in improving the health of the nation, one community at a time.

The Codix Foundation also supports and encourages staff of Codix Pharma in community engagement programs, which enable colleagues to have a direct impact on the communities in which they live and work, through giving and volunteer initiatives. We are redefining our commitment to continue serving through the Codix foundation by focusing on areas where we can make the greatest impact on stakeholders while scaling up our efforts over time.