Quality Statement

Quality Policy Statement

The strategic orientation of Codix Pharma Limited is to be recognized as the preferred provider of quality, innovative, technology-enabled healthcare solutions in the Pharmaceutical industry, and as a resource for quality health information to all interested parties. To this end, we remain committed to our vision to become a leading African Health-Tech Company by 2030. 

This will be achieved through our commitment to:


  • Managing our organization, along with established quality objectives and defined responsibilities for their fulfillment.
  • Establishing, applying, implementing, and continual improvement of our processes based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


  • Creating and promoting an exciting and rewarding work environment that motivates members of staff and fosters a Family-Centric Work Ethos, the Codix-TlPE mindset — Teamwork, Innovation, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship, with results that depict the quality that we want to be known for.
  • Making continuous improvement a part of our everyday task [from order receipt, preparing orders, shipment, product validation, to delivery]


  • Provision of quality, innovative, accessible, technology-enabled healthcare solutions.
  • Considering economic realities and affordability of our product offerings to enable access.
  • Continuous patients’ education while contributing to national healthcare service development.
  • Consistently enhancing customer satisfaction by engaging the right people, acting with integrity, being dynamic, maintaining high ethical standards, ensuring timely delivery of our products and prompt after- sales service.

Interested Parties

  • Continuous engagement with our partners in the provision and delivery of best-in-class products for the prevention, early diagnosis and management of diseases.
  • Satisfying the requirements of our regulators and other statutory bodies.
  • Continuous engagement with other stakeholder groups [shareholders, employees, customers, the media] on our corporate activities in line with achieving our vision and mission.

The management and the entire staff of Codix Pharma Ltd are committed to ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our products and customer service delivery to the admiration of all stakeholders.