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Our Story

The Codix brand story is one which originates from a rejection of the seemingly impossible and unattainable. It is a daring and evolving tale of the power of dreaming beyond borders and the resilience, focus and determination required to make such dreams a reality.

Our brand isn’t just an identity to distinguish us as a business or from the competition

it is a beacon of hope, a symbol of genuine care, and a fierce desire to contribute towards improving the health of nations leveraging innovation and technology.

Our Legacy and Innovative Solutions


Established and registered with the corporate affairs commission


Commenced active operations with own sales team
Launched the Finetest Blood Glucose Meter
in Nigeria.


2008 - 09

Pioneered one the First, innovative solutions for HbA1C and Lipid profile (point-of-care devices) in Nigeria

2010 - 11

Partnered with Lagos state on the release of the 1st guideline for the management of diabetes (1st in the country before the national guideline).

Launched the country’s 1st Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test kit (SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf)

2014 - 15

Launched one of the first multi-functional immunoassay bio-marker analyzers (SELEXON) in Nigeria. This solution was targeted at supporting diagnosis of NCDs in secondary and tertiary health facilities across the country.

2016 - 17

Introduced the Veri-Q RED Hb/PCV solution. Creating access to innovative solutions across Primary health care and the underserved population.

2018 - 19

Launched the Standard F200 Fluorescent immunoassay, multi-functional solution for a range of cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

2020 - 22

First pharma company in Nigeria to launch the Covid-19 antigen Rapid test kit.

From diagnosis and therapeutics, to preventive health through the launch of Codix Wellness Limited. A subsidiary of Codix Pharma, offering an innovative approach to wellness &health through preventive medicine


Currently the fastest growing indigenous pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Zambia and the UAE.

First indigenous pharmaceutical company to begin local manufacturing of medical devices in Nigeria and  sub-Saharan Africa

We are a proudly African brand founded in Africa’s commercial nerve centre of Lagos with a humble beginning of one employee and one product and have today evolved beyond continental borders boasting of more than ..









Our wordmark brand identity which includes our dominant colours of blue and green represents a passionate journey of excellence combining local grit with global opportunities. Our brand architecture has been carefully designed to promote a recognizable consistency within the overall Codix group.