Our Partners

Our Partners


We partner with SD BIOSENSOR Inc., Korea for the distribution and marketing of Standard F Fluorescent Immunoassay Systems, Standard M nCoV Real-Time PCR detection kits and Standard Q Covid-19 Ag and IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test Kits in Nigeria.

SD BIOSENSOR Inc. (Korea) is a global in-vitro diagnostics, research and development company striving to be the No. 1 (globally) in in-Vitro diagnostics, through continuous technology innovations. With a focus on immunological and molecular diagnostics and blood glucose self-monitoring systems, SD Biosensor is a total solution provider.

SD BIOSENSOR INC. has proven experience delivering modern health care solutions with high quality technologies, through the deployment of in-vitro diagnostic systems and reagents especially the WHO approved Covid-19 Ag tests for which more than 700 million tests has been supplied all over the world since 2020.In Nigeria, Codix Pharma Limited markets the SD Biosensor innovative solution(s) to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases as well as effectively diagnose and manage chronic diseases.

OSANG Healthcare Co., Ltd (Korea)

OSANG Healthcare Co., Ltd (Korea) is a World Class bioscience and healthcare device company located in Korea.  Osang develops and exports cutting edge biosensors and diagnostic medical devices to more than 110 countries worldwide. Since partnering with Codix Pharma Limited in Nigeria, OSANG’s Fine Test AC Premium Blood Glucose Meters and Strips now have the second   largest market share in Nigeria.Osang’s Clover A1c (glycated Hemoglobin) analyzer is now in over three hundred hospitals and laboratories in Nigeria, making it the most popular Point of Care glycated Hemoglobin analyzer in the country. In November 2013, Codix Pharma Limited successfully launched SelexOn (immunodiagnostic assay for biomarkers in Cancer, Cardiac and Thyroid diseases) in Nigeria It is fast becoming the market leader in the point-of-care immuno-diagnostic analyzer market.

MICOBIOMED Co., Ltd (Korea)

A leading manufacturer of Hemoglobin monitoring devices and PCR equipment located in South Africa. We partner with them for the supply of the Veri Q Hemoglobin and PCV measuring meter.


Our own Label drugs are manufactured by Stallion Laboratories-a private sector Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturer that has acquired an unmatched record of managing niche products in formulations with a WHO GMP approved production facility and GLP qualified stringent quality control. Stallion laboratories.is armed with WHO GMP, GLP & ISO 9001-2015 Certifications. Hence, our drugs are manufactured in the best environments.


Our Molecular diagnostic solutions are manufactured  in Seoul, South Korea by KH Medical.KH Medical employs the capabilities of  top-notch R&D staff to manufacture biomedical devices within a standard environment.


We partner with Per Love Medical for the distribution and marketing of our medical imaging equipments. As a high-tech company, Perlove integrates  self-research and technology innovation to ensure products meet clinical demand. Products are made in professional laboratories, including EMC GB laboratory ,environmental standard laboratory and life-product laboratory


Our cancer solutions are manufactured and supplied by Cue Biopharma.Cue Biopharma’s solutions are technologically advanced  for the diagnosis of  multiple types of cancers with high unmet needs.


BioMedomics is an ISO 13485 certified company that used cutting-edge technology to create life-saving diagnostic solutions for global healthcare needs. We partner with Biomedomics for  diagnostic tests that produce rapid and accurate clinical results at the point-of-care without requiring complex and expensive lab equipment-placing immediate healthcare knowledge in the hands of providers.