Sagamu, Nigeria – Codix Pharma’s Commitment to Education Shines Bright

Codix Pharma has reaffirmed its dedication to social impact, with education at the forefront of its initiatives. Through the Royal Initiative for the Development of Sagamu Community (RIDSCo), Codix Pharma is empowering the youth of Sagamu and neighboring communities with a new educational endeavor.

The latest project focuses on providing after-school coaching classes for Senior Secondary School students in the Sagamu Local Government area. These intensive sessions, held every Friday and Saturday, aim to prepare Senior Secondary School 2 and 3 students for their WAEC and GCE examinations.

With an impressive turnout of approximately 3,000 students across four centers each weekend, the coaching classes offer much-needed academic support and guidance. This initiative not only prepares students for academic success but also keeps them engaged in positive activities, steering them away from negative influences. Furthermore, it provides significant relief to parents facing financial constraints by offering these services free of charge.

This educational intervention is a testament to Codix Pharma’s commitment to fostering progressive impacts within its host communities and beyond. By investing in the academic future of Sagamu’s youth, Codix Pharma continues to make a substantial difference in the lives of many.

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